Scrub My Teeth in What?

Seriously? Coconut oil? Why? Many of you have asked me this in one form or fashion (or blatantly). I ask .. why not? Coconut oil has amazing healing properties. It’s antibacterial. It’s antiviral. Guess where one of the dirtiest places on our bodies are? You got it! Your mouth. There’s hundreds (yes hundreds) of different species of bacteria in there. (YIKES!)

My story behind homemade toothpaste is this. During chemotherapy, I had read that your teeth and gums sometimes suffers. Well, you see, my mom and dad paid quite a bit to get me my straight teeth and I have always appreciated their whiteness….and wasn’t quite ready to give either up! So I came across many natural toothpastes and one used guess what (I’ll give you a hint …it’s my favorite ingredient to use)? You guessed it! Coconut Oil.

I used coconut oil toothpaste all during chemo (I had 17 treatments). My last visit to the dentist was stressful to me. It was time for the full x-rays and I hadn’t had those since prior to chemo! Guess what? His words (I swear not mine) was that “Your teeth and gums show no damage and no change! I couldn’t be happier!”. Well … me either to be honest.

The other tid bit I have about coconut oil toothpaste is this. I bite my cheeks alot (maybe they’re fluffy) and before the place where I bit would become sore, swollen and ulcerish. Not any more! I’m Serious! It still hurts as bad WHEN I bite it, but afterwards – no swelling, no sores!

So you want to know about this recipe? Gladly, here we go.

Coconut Oil Toothpaste

ΒΌ cup Virgin Coconut Oil

1 TBSP Baking Soda

2 Packets or 2 Tsp Stevia

15-25 Drops Peppermint Oil

Mix all ingredients in bowl until well combined. Transfer to glass container. Use as you would toothpaste. Rinse sink with hot water.
Truly – that is it! If you already use this toothpaste, share your thoughts.

Currently, I am working on a formula for a friend that will be bubble gum flavored. We will see if this will help her son who suffers from mouth sore issues! I will keep you posted!

UPDATE- If you have a child that deals with mouth ulcers or issues – try to mix half their normal toothpaste and half coconut oil. It will work! You could then slowly decrease the amount of over the counter toothpaste gradually over time.


Laundry Powder

I have used this recipe for several years and love it. It is inexpensive to make and works great. My six year old has not produced many stains that this formula has not battled and battled well.

It is low sudsing so it is safe for HE washers.

The differences you should expect.

  • Commercial laundry powder is highly perfumed – this is not. Clothes will smell and be clean but not fragrant.
  • This will not suds up or foam up.
  • You only use up to 1 tbsp per large load of laundry.
  • Aproximately 13 dollars will make the equivalent of 4 boxes of commercial powder.
First time shopping list. 4 bars Fels-Naptha. 1 large box baking soda(found in laundry aisle not baking aisle). 1 box washing soda. 1 box borax. I can get all of these in the laundry aisle of Publix. Wal-Mart usually has all but the Fels-Naptha.


I have heard of many using a bar soap such as Dove or Dial instead with great results as well. I have only tried the below recipe myself.
1 bar of Fels-Naptha
1 cup Baking Soda
1 cup Washing soda
1 cup Borax
Grate the Fels-Naptha or cut into small blocks and chop it in a blender. I think adding a little of your baking soda and a couple of small pieces of the soap at a time in the blender works best. Process until the powder is as fine as your blender is capable.
Add soap powder / baking soda mixture to other ingredients. I like to store it in a lock and seal type container. Shake this to mix and incorporate together.

So blessed!

I have read blogs and thought how great it is that so many people with such beautiful talents share themselves with others. I feel completely blessed that I now have a great reason to blog.

Several years ago I started on this adventure to save money, decrease the chemical and processed things in my life and feel better about the choices I make. This has landed me at a point in my life where I feel comfortable making many of my own body products as well as more nutritious, whole food choices. I am a “maker” at heart and can’t wait to share the love with you.

I have been led to start this blog after Brookwood’s women’s retreat at The Cove this past weekend. I held an hour long class where we discussed the benefits of eating whole food, of incorporating coconut oil in your life and making body products at home. We simply didn’t have enough time and many left wanting to know more.

Follow along my new friends and lets learn how to choose simple 365 days a year. We will start small and progress at a pace that is achievable. Not only will you save money by choosing simple, you will gain gratification from making something yourself that you have always relied on a commercial product.