So blessed!

I have read blogs and thought how great it is that so many people with such beautiful talents share themselves with others. I feel completely blessed that I now have a great reason to blog.

Several years ago I started on this adventure to save money, decrease the chemical and processed things in my life and feel better about the choices I make. This has landed me at a point in my life where I feel comfortable making many of my own body products as well as more nutritious, whole food choices. I am a “maker” at heart and can’t wait to share the love with you.

I have been led to start this blog after Brookwood’s women’s retreat at The Cove this past weekend. I held an hour long class where we discussed the benefits of eating whole food, of incorporating coconut oil in your life and making body products at home. We simply didn’t have enough time and many left wanting to know more.

Follow along my new friends and lets learn how to choose simple 365 days a year. We will start small and progress at a pace that is achievable. Not only will you save money by choosing simple, you will gain gratification from making something yourself that you have always relied on a commercial product.


8 Comments on “So blessed!”

  1. Lisa Finch says:

    Thank you so much for including pictures too! It makes it so much easier! I can’t wait to try it and will let you know!

  2. Tricia ten Pas says:

    Thanks for putting this together Karrie! I wasn’t able to attend your session so I really look forward to learning some new things! Did you know that Fels-Neptha soap is a good home remedy for poison Ivy and poison oak. It helps to break it down the toxins and heal the skin. I look forward to more good ideas on your blog!

  3. Teresa Pitts says:

    Hey! We were at the Cove and at your session! Thank you for sharing so much! You are right, there was just not enough time. Have you ever thought about doing a Brookwood U class? That would be great… just a thought! 🙂 I have been using the product you had as a sample at the Cove~ the whipped shea butter and absolutely love it! Can you tell me where you get your products from? I think you had menationed you order them on-line to save with the cost?

    Teresa and Renee

    • So glad you like the butter! I do too! I have had others ask me about a class as well. I will have to see what I can come up with.

      • Tricia ten Pas says:

        Is the shea butter something you made or something that I can purchase? I’d love to find a good shea butter! Thanks for your posts!!

  4. tilculb says:

    Well there’s only one more day but here’s a giveaway for coconut oil I just found. It expires Friday night the 27th.

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