Scrub My Teeth in What?

Seriously? Coconut oil? Why? Many of you have asked me this in one form or fashion (or blatantly). I ask .. why not? Coconut oil has amazing healing properties. It’s antibacterial. It’s antiviral. Guess where one of the dirtiest places on our bodies are? You got it! Your mouth. There’s hundreds (yes hundreds) of different species of bacteria in there. (YIKES!)

My story behind homemade toothpaste is this. During chemotherapy, I had read that your teeth and gums sometimes suffers. Well, you see, my mom and dad paid quite a bit to get me my straight teeth and I have always appreciated their whiteness….and wasn’t quite ready to give either up! So I came across many natural toothpastes and one used guess what (I’ll give you a hint …it’s my favorite ingredient to use)? You guessed it! Coconut Oil.

I used coconut oil toothpaste all during chemo (I had 17 treatments). My last visit to the dentist was stressful to me. It was time for the full x-rays and I hadn’t had those since prior to chemo! Guess what? His words (I swear not mine) was that “Your teeth and gums show no damage and no change! I couldn’t be happier!”. Well … me either to be honest.

The other tid bit I have about coconut oil toothpaste is this. I bite my cheeks alot (maybe they’re fluffy) and before the place where I bit would become sore, swollen and ulcerish. Not any more! I’m Serious! It still hurts as bad WHEN I bite it, but afterwards – no swelling, no sores!

So you want to know about this recipe? Gladly, here we go.

Coconut Oil Toothpaste

¼ cup Virgin Coconut Oil

1 TBSP Baking Soda

2 Packets or 2 Tsp Stevia

15-25 Drops Peppermint Oil

Mix all ingredients in bowl until well combined. Transfer to glass container. Use as you would toothpaste. Rinse sink with hot water.
Truly – that is it! If you already use this toothpaste, share your thoughts.

Currently, I am working on a formula for a friend that will be bubble gum flavored. We will see if this will help her son who suffers from mouth sore issues! I will keep you posted!

UPDATE- If you have a child that deals with mouth ulcers or issues – try to mix half their normal toothpaste and half coconut oil. It will work! You could then slowly decrease the amount of over the counter toothpaste gradually over time.


5 Comments on “Scrub My Teeth in What?”

  1. jamie says:

    2 questions: where do you get your small glass jars? and what about the stevia? isn’t that a form of sugar? thats not bad for your teeth??? just wondering. thanks!

    • Jamie – I buy the case of ball small jelly jars. If you only need one I’d check the dollar store. Save baby food jars! They are perfect!

      About the stevia. From all I have read, stevia is plant based and doesn’t react to the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Also, remember how anti-bacterial coconut oil is? It kills bacteria. You’d be shocked at the ingredients in commercial toothpaste and their affects.

  2. Sasha coyle says:

    My kids LOVE the toothpaste!!!! Did you by chance get the email I sent you? It has the liquid laundry detergent recipe in it. Hope all is well!!

  3. tilculb says:

    Today only (May 14)free shipping at Tropical Traditions for Coconut Oil!!!!!!

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