Sugar Body Scrub

Friends. I have gone 6 months with no post and that is terrible of me. I truly want us to learn together but how can we when I didn’t keep my commitment. I hope you forgive me.

Body scrub is one of those pleasures that is so easy to make and the after effects are scrumptious. It is simple yet so divine and the best part is…you will have ingredients at your home. With winter upon us and ice on the way, what a perfect treat in the warm bath.

My favorite is lemon body scrub (this is what I had made for the Cove).

You will need sugar, a liquid oil (such as olive oil) and lemon zest. Lemon essential oil is optional (but totally recommended).

Other liquid oils can be used. I have used other types – Sweet Almond Oil or Jojoba Oil or Apricot Oil. Use what you have.

Pour 1 cup sugar in a glass jar with a lid. Pour 1/2 – 3/4 cup olive oil (depends on how “oily” you like your scrub). I like mine dry’ish. You have to trust me in that your mixture will be plenty moisturizing without having a one to one ratio of sugar and oil. Add the zest of one lemon in your jar. For super powers add 10 drops of lemon essential oil. I recommend organic and purchase mine from Mountain Rose Herbs ( I am not affiliated with them, just super happy with their quality and service. Stir this around to incorporate the zest and essential oil. Enjoy!

I like to use this scrub all over in the shower. I wouldn’t not recommend using this on your face if you have sensitive skin. This could be too abrasive. This will however, be great for those crackling feet and heels or those splitting hands. The sugar exfoliates all the rough dead skin away, while the olive oil gives your skin a natural moisture. You will be surprised at how your skin will drink it up. Just pat your skin dry after the don’t want to rub off all the goodness you just gave your body.

I love to treat my hands and feet before I do my nails – after is even better because your cuticles need all the moisture if you just dried them out with polish remover.

Share if you have other body scrub recipes that you make at home. I know there are many out there…..let’s hear em’!

Until next time, take care of you.