Not Conditioner?

Not Conditioner? 

Wont my hair get tangles? I have to use the best brand on MY hair. MY  hair is special, it’s not like anyone elses! I have heard it all…and I still truly believe that we all can use natural products on our hair. if you are reading this, you are probably already ready for a change. 

Will it take getting used to? Yes, it will. Will it be different than your current conditioner? Yes, it sure will. Will you eventually get used to it? Yes, you will. Will your hair smell like vinegar? Yes, but only while you are in the shower. Will you be doing your body a favor? ABSOLUTELY

We are what we eat and how we live and what products we put on and in our bodies. This is very important….our lives and environment are already stressfull enough for our bodies. Don’t you think that we should do what we can to give BACK to our bodies and negate some of the factors we have no control over in the environment? I do! That is why I spend time researching what I do and sharing with you. 

So here we go. Get your pad and pen out for the ingredient list πŸ™‚


That’s it! I bet your fingers are tired from writing huh?

1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar per cup of water is it. I store it in a squirt bottle in the shower. After I wash my hair with Not Shampoo I finish it up with Not Conditioner. Some folks will have a an adjustment period – but hang in there, you will feel good about one less chemical. One at a time…..that is the only way you will make it! If you hair feels too oily – reduce the amount of vinegar in your mix.

One more point to make – as if saving your scalp which is full of millions of pores, from all the clogged up chemical filled goop you use isn’t enough, you will save mega dollars per month. You can make your shampoo and conditioner for probably around .50 a month. What? You say? It’s true!

Until next time…take care of you.


What hair products do you use? 

How much does it cost per month? 

Are you willing to try this?


Shampoo or Not

Not Shampoo? 

Who is familiar with SLS? (sodium lauryl sulfate) Well, don’t worry, I wasn’t either until I began this journey to decrease chemicals and such in my life. SLS is a chemical that is in many of our products that we expect to suds. It’s only purpose is to create suds. It does not improve cleaning ability. Americans have associated suds with clean since, well, forever!

Today, I urge you to remove this association from your brain. Hocus Pocus remove from my brain! POOF! There, it is done. Now we can move forward….

I have been shampooless for a little while now. I was nervous at first. One side of me that looks in the mirror each morning didn’t want to have to see a greasy mess. On the other hand, the side of me that knows better said, we’ve seen worse! So I went for it! You should too! What will one little bottle of Not Shampoo hurt?


Not Shampoo Recipe & Steps

This will step you through per cup of Not Shampoo that you want to make. Just multiply times the number of cups your container will hold. Use an old shampoo bottle that you have rinsed very well.  Good luck getting all the SLS out in just a few rinses πŸ™‚

There are 8ozs in a cup. So if your shampoo bottle is 24ozs then follow this recipe and multiply by three. 


Basic Ingredients Include


Yep! That’s right. Two ingredients and you are very familiar with both. 

What if I had asked you to find this list … Would you know what to go and find?

Water, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Cocamide MEA, Glycol Distearate, Dimethicone, Fragrance, Panthenol, Panthenyl Ethyl Ether, Cetyl Alcohol


If you have soft water heat your water just enough to dissolve the Baking Soda. 

If you have hard water, boil your water for 10 mins. The minerals should form and fall to the bottom of the pot. Do NOT include these when you pour your water in to the shampoo bottle. Let the water cool a bit before pouring in to the shampoo bottle or you will have a melted work of art bottle.

Pour water into the very rinsed out shampoo bottle

Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda for every cup (or 8oz) of water

Shake this until the baking soda dissolves

Your done! 


Using Not Shampoo

Squirt the mixture over your scalp in the shower. Most of the dirt will be on your scalp, not the ends of the hair. Work the mixture in with your figures. Like a scalp massage, NOT a scalp scrub. The feeling should be sleek. If it is not, you may have to add a bit more baking soda to your mixture. Just a little at a time thou ok?


Additional Ingredients Should You Want to Know

If you have dry hair you could add oil to the shampoo. Those who know me know that I love coconut oil and say go for that. If you love another oil, try that (olive or jojoba). I would add 1/4 teaspoon at a time. Make sure to shake the container each time before use.

Your hair would really love you if you applied oil to it once a week or every other week and let it sit for a while before you shower.  

Follow up with an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse I call Not Conditioner (coming soon)


until next time…take care of you


Sugar Body Scrub

Friends. I have gone 6 months with no post and that is terrible of me. I truly want us to learn together but how can we when I didn’t keep my commitment. I hope you forgive me.

Body scrub is one of those pleasures that is so easy to make and the after effects are scrumptious. It is simple yet so divine and the best part is…you will have ingredients at your home. With winter upon us and ice on the way, what a perfect treat in the warm bath.

My favorite is lemon body scrub (this is what I had made for the Cove).

You will need sugar, a liquid oil (such as olive oil) and lemon zest. Lemon essential oil is optional (but totally recommended).

Other liquid oils can be used. I have used other types – Sweet Almond Oil or Jojoba Oil or Apricot Oil. Use what you have.

Pour 1 cup sugar in a glass jar with a lid. Pour 1/2 – 3/4 cup olive oil (depends on how “oily” you like your scrub). I like mine dry’ish. You have to trust me in that your mixture will be plenty moisturizing without having a one to one ratio of sugar and oil. Add the zest of one lemon in your jar. For super powers add 10 drops of lemon essential oil. I recommend organic and purchase mine from Mountain Rose Herbs ( I am not affiliated with them, just super happy with their quality and service. Stir this around to incorporate the zest and essential oil. Enjoy!

I like to use this scrub all over in the shower. I wouldn’t not recommend using this on your face if you have sensitive skin. This could be too abrasive. This will however, be great for those crackling feet and heels or those splitting hands. The sugar exfoliates all the rough dead skin away, while the olive oil gives your skin a natural moisture. You will be surprised at how your skin will drink it up. Just pat your skin dry after the don’t want to rub off all the goodness you just gave your body.

I love to treat my hands and feet before I do my nails – after is even better because your cuticles need all the moisture if you just dried them out with polish remover.

Share if you have other body scrub recipes that you make at home. I know there are many out there…..let’s hear em’!

Until next time, take care of you.

Scrub My Teeth in What?

Seriously? Coconut oil? Why? Many of you have asked me this in one form or fashion (or blatantly). I ask .. why not? Coconut oil has amazing healing properties. It’s antibacterial. It’s antiviral. Guess where one of the dirtiest places on our bodies are? You got it! Your mouth. There’s hundreds (yes hundreds) of different species of bacteria in there. (YIKES!)

My story behind homemade toothpaste is this. During chemotherapy, I had read that your teeth and gums sometimes suffers. Well, you see, my mom and dad paid quite a bit to get me my straight teeth and I have always appreciated their whiteness….and wasn’t quite ready to give either up! So I came across many natural toothpastes and one used guess what (I’ll give you a hint …it’s my favorite ingredient to use)? You guessed it! Coconut Oil.

I used coconut oil toothpaste all during chemo (I had 17 treatments). My last visit to the dentist was stressful to me. It was time for the full x-rays and I hadn’t had those since prior to chemo! Guess what? His words (I swear not mine) was that “Your teeth and gums show no damage and no change! I couldn’t be happier!”. Well … me either to be honest.

The other tid bit I have about coconut oil toothpaste is this. I bite my cheeks alot (maybe they’re fluffy) and before the place where I bit would become sore, swollen and ulcerish. Not any more! I’m Serious! It still hurts as bad WHEN I bite it, but afterwards – no swelling, no sores!

So you want to know about this recipe? Gladly, here we go.

Coconut Oil Toothpaste

ΒΌ cup Virgin Coconut Oil

1 TBSP Baking Soda

2 Packets or 2 Tsp Stevia

15-25 Drops Peppermint Oil

Mix all ingredients in bowl until well combined. Transfer to glass container. Use as you would toothpaste. Rinse sink with hot water.
Truly – that is it! If you already use this toothpaste, share your thoughts.

Currently, I am working on a formula for a friend that will be bubble gum flavored. We will see if this will help her son who suffers from mouth sore issues! I will keep you posted!

UPDATE- If you have a child that deals with mouth ulcers or issues – try to mix half their normal toothpaste and half coconut oil. It will work! You could then slowly decrease the amount of over the counter toothpaste gradually over time.