How Can I Start?

You are interested in cleaning up your life, your products, your medications, your home or all of the above! And this is great! I agree…you should! But how did I do it? How do you find the time? Where do you start?

All of this is what we are going to focus on.

Several years ago, I decided that “I want to do what I can to reduce the chemicals in my life.” and so it began. The process started with ONE thing….laundry soap. I chose laundry soap because of the cost savings, to be honest. What you chose to start with will be a personal choice as well.

Below are the areas that I have changed over the years. DO NOT take on all at once. Choose something that you think will help you the most. Becoming overwhelmed will only do that….overwhelm you. One thing, pick one!

Body Products
Lotion / Body Cream
Face Wash
Face Moisturizer
Face Treatment
Hand Sanitizer
Immune Boost

Shower Cleaner
All Purpose Cleaner
Spray Deodorizer
Spray Disinfectant
Laundry Detergent
Foaming Hand Soap

Medicinal (Applying / Using Essential Oils to my Daily Routine)
Muscle Ache
Mouth Sores
Stomach Ache
Digestive Aid
Stress Control
Relax Me Please
Sinus Relief
Immune Boost

Cold Brew Coffee

I read the Bible and pray and Believe God has a purpose for ME & YOU
I watch almost no TV
I listen to music that reflects God’s love for us
I am always researching

The list is long. Remember, I ask you to pick one. This did not happen over night and it will not happen over night for you. It will however, be easier because I have spent considerable time researching natural techniques and remedies. You can start with my base and grow from there.

I will post on each of these topics. Which one means the most to you? That is what is important to me. We need to cover here what you are wanting to change.

So let me have it….what will we cover first?

Until next time…….take better care of you.


So blessed!

I have read blogs and thought how great it is that so many people with such beautiful talents share themselves with others. I feel completely blessed that I now have a great reason to blog.

Several years ago I started on this adventure to save money, decrease the chemical and processed things in my life and feel better about the choices I make. This has landed me at a point in my life where I feel comfortable making many of my own body products as well as more nutritious, whole food choices. I am a “maker” at heart and can’t wait to share the love with you.

I have been led to start this blog after Brookwood’s women’s retreat at The Cove this past weekend. I held an hour long class where we discussed the benefits of eating whole food, of incorporating coconut oil in your life and making body products at home. We simply didn’t have enough time and many left wanting to know more.

Follow along my new friends and lets learn how to choose simple 365 days a year. We will start small and progress at a pace that is achievable. Not only will you save money by choosing simple, you will gain gratification from making something yourself that you have always relied on a commercial product.