Not Conditioner?

Not Conditioner? 

Wont my hair get tangles? I have to use the best brand on MY hair. MY  hair is special, it’s not like anyone elses! I have heard it all…and I still truly believe that we all can use natural products on our hair. if you are reading this, you are probably already ready for a change. 

Will it take getting used to? Yes, it will. Will it be different than your current conditioner? Yes, it sure will. Will you eventually get used to it? Yes, you will. Will your hair smell like vinegar? Yes, but only while you are in the shower. Will you be doing your body a favor? ABSOLUTELY

We are what we eat and how we live and what products we put on and in our bodies. This is very important….our lives and environment are already stressfull enough for our bodies. Don’t you think that we should do what we can to give BACK to our bodies and negate some of the factors we have no control over in the environment? I do! That is why I spend time researching what I do and sharing with you. 

So here we go. Get your pad and pen out for the ingredient list 🙂


That’s it! I bet your fingers are tired from writing huh?

1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar per cup of water is it. I store it in a squirt bottle in the shower. After I wash my hair with Not Shampoo I finish it up with Not Conditioner. Some folks will have a an adjustment period – but hang in there, you will feel good about one less chemical. One at a time…..that is the only way you will make it! If you hair feels too oily – reduce the amount of vinegar in your mix.

One more point to make – as if saving your scalp which is full of millions of pores, from all the clogged up chemical filled goop you use isn’t enough, you will save mega dollars per month. You can make your shampoo and conditioner for probably around .50 a month. What? You say? It’s true!

Until next time…take care of you.


What hair products do you use? 

How much does it cost per month? 

Are you willing to try this?